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NavCoin Staking on a RPi CM4

As I mentioned in my ealier RPi Musings post one of the drivers to switch to a new RPi platform was that I had to find an upgrade from my RPi 3+ that I used for NavCoin staking.

I had used NavPi on my RPi 3+ but with Navcon 6.x I felt the time was right to move to a Compute Module 4 for a headless low power staking option.

It took me quite some time to get it working as instructions were difficult to find. The NavPi could be managed through a GUI and the Navcoin 6.x implementation came with a nice Qt GUI frontend.

However I was interested in staking headless. So I wrote a how to stake Navcoin here.

The guide was kept generic as it applies to all platforms but it was written based on my RPi CM4 implementation.