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My RPi Musings

I have been using Raspberry Pis for a long time. I would say since they first came out. I used them for various projects and in various sized and models.

The main goal of many of my Raspberry Pi (RPi) projects was to a) reduce the footprint of some of my servers I had running and b) the power consumption my home IT infrastructure used.

So at some point I replaces a PC Desktop with a RPi Zero W. The main uses were monitoring my UPS and serve as an ssh server into my home noetwork when working remotely.

Then I began dabbling in crypto currency but felt that mining would not be economical and feasible on a RPi. I found NavPi where you could earn crypto through staking.

I ran a NavPi for quite some time until the latest Navcoin Core version was released which prompted me to switch to new RPi hardware.

In parallel for my home automation projects I used a Wink Hub but when Wink decided to move to a subscribtion model I kept searching for a free alternative and found openHAB.

While searching for new platforms for my Navcoin staking and openHAB projects I came across Jeff Geerling’s youtube channel.