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RPi CM4 Heatsink

In anticipation of the LiM Carrier Board prototype for the RPi CM4 arriving, I ordered some heatsinks. I showed the idea of the LiM Carrier Board to Jeff Geerling and his comment was : “Slap a heat sink on top of the CM4 and put it in a little box and you have a truly wireless computer you can throw into any scenario…” To be honest, this was exactly what I am trying to aim for with the LiM Board, create a Raspberry Pi Zero W on steroids.

NavCoin Staking on a RPi CM4

As I mentioned in my ealier RPi Musings post one of the drivers to switch to a new RPi platform was that I had to find an upgrade from my RPi 3+ that I used for NavCoin staking.

My RPi Musings

I have been using Raspberry Pis for a long time. I would say since they first came out. I used them for various projects and in various sized and models.