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The 'great one' has arrived! CM4108032

I finally got my hands on the most highly spec’ed out Raspberry Pi Compute Model 4. As of writing of this post, the Raspberry Pi CM4108032 Compute Module comes with 32 GB eMMC on board storrage, 8 GB RAM and WiFi 2.4/5.0 GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac.

CM4 Heatsink Update

In a recent post I mentioned that I ordered heatsinks for some if my Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4s (CM4). Well, they arrived but I am running into some issues fitting them onto the CM4s. It seems the M2.5x16mm Screws the heatsinks come with are too short to fit my CM4 - Less-is-More (LiM) Carrier Board configuration.

The LiM CM4 Carrier Board is real

I finally received the prototypes of the LiM CM4 Carrier Board. The LiM carrier board took about two months from idea (May 22nd, 2021) to delivery (July 14th, 2021). Special thanks to Anish Verma for working with me on the CAD designs of the carrier board.

LiM Board featured on Jeff Geerling's YouTube channel

I subscribe to Jeff Geerling’s YouTube channel as I always like to watch his videos about the latest projects, he is putting the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) through.

Staking NavCoin - CPU temperature

As mentioned in my NavCoin post I am using a CM4 to headlessly stake NavCoin. The ‘unlock wallet’ time expired recently on my Raspberry Pi CM4 (CM4104032). It happened over night so it took me a bit to unlock the wallet again. In the meantime the temperature observation on the CM4 looks like a 6°C difference between idle and staking.